The peg
She gets her man to lie down on the bed with his legs stretched out for the Peg position. She then gets on top of him and let him enter her. 

As he does so, she stretches her legs out straight behind her and starts to move back and forth as fast or as slow as she likes. It's a great position for full body contact, kissing and touching throughout. 

The Peg sex position is also good for well-endowed partners as he won't penetrate her too deeply.
The perch
The man sits on a chair with his partner "perched" on his lap. She has her back to him for the Perch sex position.

She uses the strength in her legs to make an up-and-down movement, while he caresses her clitoris and breasts. She may need to lean forward a little for easier penetration.
The proposal
The Proposal sex position takes a bit of practice and good aim!

Kneeling face-to-face, he puts his left foot flat on the ground front of him (like he's proposing) and she puts her right foot on the ground and nudges closer. 

Penetration can be made by leaning forward towards the planted feet, lunging back and forth creates a slow, upright romp.
The classic
This is sex 101 - the Classic sex position.

Woman on her back, legs slightly apart. Man on top between her thighs. He supports himself on his arms so he can look down to her and she can use her arms to squeeze his bum and guide the movement so it's just how she likes it.

From here he can easily slide in and out of her and she can lie back and enjoy it.
The Magic Mountain
First of all construct your "mountain" out of a pile of pillows. 

The woman kneels infront of the pillows and leans forward over it. He kneels behind her, legs on the outside of her's, he leans down over her and penetrates her from behind.

Make sure you use fairly firm pillows for the Magic Mountain sex position.
The kneel
The woman and man kneel face to face in the Kneel sex position. She straddles him thighs so he can enter her and wraps her arms around his neck. He embraces her and moving gently up and down with his knees penetrates her. 

It's the perfect position for a proper snog too!
The Reverse Cowgirl
The Reverse Cowgirl is probably one of the most exciting sex positions in the list.

The man lies on his back and the woman kneels over him so he can enter her. 

She can bob up and down supporting her weight with her hands on his thighs and he can help by lifting her hips as she moves.

They can both reach each others key pleasure zones for a bit of a play too if they like.
The super 8
She lies legs open on her back and possibly with a pillow under her bum to make penetration easier in the Super 8 sex position. 

He lies over her, supporting himself with out-stretched arms.

She puts her hands on his hips or round his back to support his thrusts. She arches up to meet his movement.
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